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Reviewer Questions 

What Questions Could the HLC Reviewer Ask Me?

Eight HLC Peer Reviewers will visit UW-Eau Claire on September 14-16 as part of the University’s 10-year re-accreditation. They will hold formal meetings and open forums as well as talk with faculty, staff and students as they walk the campus. They may ask you:
  •  Have you read or seen UW-Eau Claire’s self study?  
  •  What do you know about accreditation?
  •  Where can you find the University’s mission and how do you help fulfill it?
  •  Name UW-Eau Claire’s greatest strength … and its weakness.
  •  Who is responsible for student learning on campus?
  •  How does the University provide an environment that encourages transformative learning?
  •  What do you think about how assessment is done on campus?
  •  How do you contribute to improving equity, diversity and inclusiveness at UW-Eau Claire?  
  •  How are planning and budget linked at UW-Eau Claire?
  •  What is it like to work here? How is morale?
  •  How are people selected for committees? Who makes decisions on campus?
  •  What kinds of changes are taking place at UW-Eau Claire? Are they positive or negative?
  •  Do you know where to get a catalog, a financial report or committee minutes?
  •  What would you like to tell the Review Team to help them make a fair evaluation of this University?

For students:

  •  Why did you choose UW-Eau Claire? Have your expectations been met?
  •  Do you know where to go to get academic advice? Personal counseling? Make a complaint?
  •  Can you get the courses you need when you need them?
  •  Do students have the opportunity to provide the administration with input about the University?
  •  Is the library an important part of the education offered at UW-Eau Claire? How would you rate support for technology?
  •  What would you change if you could?
  •  What kind of education does the above-average student get? A transfer student? A non-traditional student? An under-prepared student?
  •  What do you like best about UW-Eau Claire? What do you like least?

For faculty members:

  •  How do faculty members participate in decision-making?
  •  How is a new course developed?
  •  What improvements have resulted from student learning assessment?
  •  How do faculty feel about teaching basic general education courses?
  •  What evidence demonstrates that students at UW-Eau Claire are mastering the Liberal Education Learning Goals?
  •  Is teaching and learning valued at UW-Eau Claire? Discovery? Service?
  •  What is the role of faculty in assuring academic quality?
  •  In what ways does the University make sure that assessment outcomes are used to guide decision making and resource allocation?
Questions are based on information provided by The Higher Learning Commission,