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Working with the AutoStaff Listing

Computing and Networking Services (LTS) maintains a contact listing for AutoStaff. This listing includes information (name, address, phone, email) on all UW-Eau Claire faculty and staff (AutoStaff) much like the Campus Directory. This list is updated daily based on changes to the personnel database. 

return to topAdding AutoStaff to the Folder List

AutoStaff can be added to your Folder List so that it can be quickly accessed. Use the following steps to navigate to AutoStaff and add it to the Folder List:

  1. To view the Folder List, from the Navigation pane, click FOLDER LISTFolder List button
    The Folder List appears.

  2. If the listing of Public Folders is not displayed, click the plus sign (+) next to Public Folders

  3. If the listing for All Public Folders is not displayed, click the plus sign (+) next to All Public Folders

  4. If the listing for UWEC Directory is not displayed, click the plus sign (+) next to UWEC Directory

  5. Select and drag AutoStaff to your Mailbox
    This item should now appear on the Folder List.

return to topUsing AutoStaff

AutoStaff is a Contact listing and can be used like your traditional Contact listing for generating email messages, adjusting the views, and locating items in your Contact listing. Because you are "linking" to the campus copy, you cannot make any changes to the information.

For more information about utilizing Contacts, refer to Working with Contacts.

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