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Microsoft Outlook 2007

Sending a Calendar in Email

Outlook 2007 allows you to send a portion of your Calendar within an email message so that someone without Outlook can read it. This method is not as functional as sharing your calendar with someone who has Outlook. However, sending your calendar in a message can save you from typing a list of your open times for a meeting.

  1. Click NEW MAIL MESSAGENew Mail Message button
    Click REPLY
    The message window appears.

  2. Place your insertion point in the body of the message

  3. From the Insert tab, in the Include group, click CALENDARCalendar button
    The Send a Calendar via E-Mail dialog box appears.
    Send a Calendar Via E-Mail dialog box

  4. From the Calendar pull-down list, select the calendar you would like to send

  5. From the Date Range pull-down list, select the desired time frame
    HINT: To create a custom time frame, select Specify Dates...

  6. From the Detail pull-down list, select the level of detail you want to be included in your mailed calendar

  7. OPTIONAL: To show only working hours on the calendar you send, select Show time within my working hours only
    To open to your calendar and set your working hours, click SET WORKING HOURS
    For more information, refer to Setting Your Work Week.

  8. OPTIONAL: To include details of private appointments,
    1. Click SHOW>>
      The Advanced section of the dialog box appears.
    2. Select Include details of items marked private
      NOTE: This option is not available if you selected Availability only in step 6.
      Send a Calendar: Advanced section

  9. OPTIONAL: To include attachments embedded in calendar items,
    1. Click SHOW>>
      The Advanced section of the dialog box appears.
    2. Select Include attachments within calendar items
      NOTE: This option is available only if you selected Full details in step 6.Send a Calendar: Advanced section

  10. OPTIONAL: To send a simple list of events and appointments, instead of a full daily schedule,
    1. Click SHOW>>
      The Advanced section of the dialog box appears.
    2. From the E-mail Layout pull-down list, select List of Events
      NOTE: The list produced varies depending on your selection in step 6 as shown here:

    lists "busy" times

    Limited Details
    lists subject for the appointment time

    Full Details
    lists subjects for the appointment times
    NOTE: Subjects are linked to full details below the list.

  11. Click OK
    Your calendar is added to the email message.

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