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Information for Students

Learning Opportunities

Academic Intervention Clinic

The Academic Intervention Clinic provides school-aged children and adolescents with educational supports in the areas of math and reading. Student Clinicians, under the supervision of faculty and graduate student assistants, conduct state-of-the-art academic evaluations, develop and implement a comprehensive intervention program, provide on-going progress monitoring, and consult with parents and teachers. The program is housed in the Human Development Ceneter with Student Clinicians also providing services in local elementary schools.

UWEC students interested in participating in the Academic Intervention Clinic should contact Dr. Michael Axelrod ( for more information. Click on the following link for an application: Academic Intervention Clinic Student Clinician Application

Research Opportunities

Faculty/Student Collaboration

Undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines have the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary research projects. HDC faculty members in collaboration with students have completed research projects in the following areas: academic and behavioral intervention, behavioral pediatrics (e.g. bedwetting, sleep problems), use of stimulant medication to treat ADHD and associated problems, use of curriculum based assessment in diagnosing learning disabilities, and program evaluation of multicultural service learning. The HDC is regularly awarded faculty-student collaborative research grants, as well as other research focused grants ( e.g., UW System Institute on Race and Ethnicity Research Credit). Students at the undergraduate and graduate levels often have opportunities to present research results at local and national conferences. Undergraduate or graduate students interested in pursuing interdisciplinary research focused on children, families, and schools should contact Dr. Michael Axelrod (