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Mission and Outcomes 

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire provides graduate education, at the
masters, specialist, and doctoral levels, in select programs that grow clearly from
institutional undergraduate strengths and that meet identifiable regional and state
needs. Graduate programs foster students’ intellectual development, contribute to
the advancement of disciplines, and enhance students’ personal lives and their
ability to contribute to their professions and communities. Graduate studies at
UW-Eau Claire emphasize personal working relationships between faculty and
students in a variety of learning situations.   
A hallmark of graduate education is scholarly and creative activity, emphasizing
discipline-specific research, the acquisition of new knowledge, or the application
or transmission of existing knowledge.  
Expected outcomes for all UW-Eau Claire graduate programs are that graduates
will have the ability to:
1. Demonstrate advanced mastery of the methodology, techniques, and practices
specific to the field of study;
2.  Excel in written and oral communication, with the ability to convey complex
ideas clearly, consistently, and logically;
3.  Demonstrate understanding and mastery for appropriately managing a range of
general and discipline-specific ethical dilemmas;
4.  Utilize the research or scholarship of the discipline and produce scholarly or
creative products consistent with disciplinary standards.
Each of the Colleges is responsible for promoting high standards of scholarship,
for offering professional preparation appropriate to societal needs, and for
maintaining an appropriate balance between the academic and professional
components of graduate programs.