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Internship Center

Paid internships provide excellent practical work experience. Internships also help students determine what careers they may (or may not) want to explore after graduation. In addition, geology internships through the Responsible Mining Initiative typically pay between $7000 and $13,500 per summer and help reduce student debt. All hard-working geology majors seeking work experience should apply!

Current Opportunities

Unimin Corp. Geology Internship 2016 - Tunnel City, WI (closing date 2/12/16)
Smart Sand Geology Internship 2016 - Oakdale, WI (closing date 2/19/16)
Unimin Corp. Environmental Affairs Internship 2016 - Mankato, MN (closing date 2/12/16)


Recent Internships

UWEC Students in Internships

An Internship will double the value of a college education.

For more information on internships in the Earth Sciences through UWEC, contact Dr. Kent Syverson