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Geospatial Science & Technology at UWEC 


What is Geospatial Science & Technology?

Geospatial Science and Technology incorporates various geographic skills and tools in order to solve problems.  At the core of Geospatial Science and Technology is Geographic Informations Systems (GIS).  At UW-Eau Claire we use GIS tools and software to collect, edit, analyze, display, and share geographic data.

What can you do with Geospatial Science & Technology?


Geospatial Science and Technology can be applied to many different fields of study.  Common uses of GIS include resource management, urban planning, marketing, environmental assessments, criminology, military planning, and scientific studies.  With GIS's broad area of application, learning GIS skills will allow you to find a job that suits your own interests.  The American Association for Geographers has more information on the many careers open to students who study Geospatial Science and Technology.





How to get started

Contact our Department Chair, Paul Kaldjian, or any of the Geography and Anthropology Department's staff.