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Welcome to the Department

Geography and anthropology are synthesizing and integrating disciplines directed toward understanding people and places, their cultures and environments, the relationships within and between them, and the multiple scales at which they operate. These are invaluable life and professional preparations.

The Department of Geography and Anthropology is committed to providing a vibrant learning environment that gives all students the opportunity to fully and creatively engage in the academic work needed to fulfill their potential.  No matter a student's individual aspirations, the department strives to prepare empowered, liberally educated, ethically attentive, civic minded, socially just and globally conscious students in alignment with the University Wisconsin –Eau Claire's mission and goals.

For students choosing geography as their major field of study, we are committed to creating the complete geographer through coursework, field experiences, and research and internship opportunities.  A primary goal is to highlight and develop students' geographic imagination – an awareness and understanding of space, place and environment in the the human experience.  Another is to provide a solid foundation in human geography, physical geography, nature-society relationships and geospatial tools and techniques with opportunities to specialize in areas of individual interest.  Ultimately, students will receive the education, skills, and experience for a meaningful and fulfilling career as a geographerRead or follow the blogs on this page to see what our students and alumni are up to.

Geography and anthropology minors will be grounded in the disciplinary basics such that they complement and enhance a student's major field of study and that these students have every opportunity to integrate their majors and minors and participate in the professional lives of geographers and/or anthropologists.