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Taking care of our own through the Blugold Emergency Support Fund

The Blugold Emergency Support Fund provides immediate financial support for UW-Eau Claire students, faculty and staff with emergency financial situations. Together, we can "be there" for Blugolds in their time of need.

Since the Blugold Emergency Support Fund was established in 2013, funds have been awarded to Blugolds with emergency situations that require immediate financial support. This fund has made it possible for students to continue school after learning of a serious medical condition, visit family members during a time of tragedy, find housing when they had no place to go and more.

Thank you for considering a gift to the Blugold Emergency Support Fund, gifts of any amount to this fund will directly support Blugolds in need.

Blugolds in need

If you or someone you know is in need contact UW-Eau Claire Foundation at 715-836-5630.

Joe Abhold"I contribute to the Blugold Emergency Fund because I know it makes a critical difference in the lives of students. I know it happens at a critical time in the student's life and really helps them to stay on track. It's something I feel really good about - seeing the difference in the lives of students."

- Joe Abhold, Dean of Students

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Ledixe Montoya

"Even though I was far away and going through all this, I knew the university was supporting me in some way. I knew they were taking care of me. It's like having your family backing you up."

- Lidixe Montoya, student recipient of Blugold Emergency Support Fund dollars