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Gateways to Excellence

As the UW-Eau Claire community prepares to welcome the centennial anniversary, it would also like to show campus visitors that same welcome through construction of several major and minor gateways to the campus. The gateways will serve as permanent signs to students, faculty, staff and community visitors that they have entered the UW-Eau Claire campus and are a part of its community.

The major gateways will be built at the road entrances to the different precincts of the campus: upper campus, lower campus and the Water Street Campus. Minor gateways would be built at many of the pedestrian and bicycle pathways into the campus to welcome students and visitors.

Leave your mark on the UW-Eau Claire campus as it enters into its 100th year by helping to fund one of the gateways shown below. Become a lasting piece of UW-Eau Claire today.  


Garfield Avenue and State Street

UW-Eau Claire alumni Tom '74 and Jeannie '73 Flesch of Columbus, Ohio, have already given their support for the gateway project with their significant gift to sponsor the Main Gateway that will be located at the Garfield Avenue and State Street entrance to campus. This gateway will also complement the university's new Visitor Center.     

Centennial Gate - $100,000

This is a major gateway to campus at the Roosevelt Street entrance between Schneider and Phillips Halls. This gateway will serve as a welcome to visitors, friends, neighbors and alumni entering the new campus mall and amphitheater. The Centennial Gateway also pays tribute to UW-Eau Claire's proud heritage as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.


Park Avenue - $84,500

This gateway will replace the existing wooden signs in front of Kjer Theatre and Hibbard Hall. It will feature a beautiful brick and stone column structure, a small entrance plaza, benches, pavers and other improvements. This gateway will serve as a welcome to anyone entering campus from Park Avenue and to those attending one of the many events held in Zorn Arena.

Water Street East - $84,500

One of the gateways on Water Street will sit directly east of the Haas Fine Arts building and will identify the campus to anyone crossing the bridge and entering the Water Street area. The Water Street parking  lot is widely used by prospective students. The entrance gate will prominently feature important signage identifying the UW-Eau Claire campus to our visitors.

Water Street West - $84,500

This gateway, also on Water Street, will be located near the Health and Human Sciences building and will be visible to anyone approaching campus from the west. The structure and appearance of the gateway will be identical to the Water Street East gateway and will provide an important marker to signify where the Water Street businesses end and the campus begins.

University Drive - $84,500

Upper campus will also receive a gateway to welcome visitors and students to the residence hall areas of UW-Eau Claire. It will be located on University Drive and will be visible to those entering campus from Clairemont Avenue or Hendrickson Drive. This gate will give upper campus a defined entrance area while unifying upper and lower campus through the consistent style and structure used in all campus gateways.  

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