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Physics and Astronomy


Physics and Astronomy

The large physics and astronomy department at UW-Eau Claire offers a wide variety of possible research areas for students. Students will be able to understand, synthesize and apply the concepts of physics in the fundamental areas of mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetic fields, optics, electric and electronic circuits, quantum physics, relativity and experimental error analysis. Students will posses skills and knowledge that prepare them for employment or further study in the teaching of physics, the application of physics methods to practical problems of use to employers, engineering, and graduate study in physics, astronomy or a related field.

Your Gift Supports:

Support the general needs of the physics and astronomy department with a gift of any amount to the Physics and Astronomy Advancement Fund, which is used to meet the needs of the department that cannot be met by the state-assisted university operating budget. The fund enables the department to take advantage of opportunities to advance its cause.

The amount in parentheses indicates the annual amount required to meet current obligations.

  • Establish a scholarship ($500 annual; $15,000 to endow).

  • Support an existing physics and astronomy scholarship (gifts of any amount).

  • Support supplies for students participating in annual Cleverly Cobbled Contraption Contest ($250).

  • Provide for upgrades to L.E. Phillips Planetarium, support for student operator, staff supervision and community outreach ($2,000).

  • Purchase equipment and supplies for student-faculty collaborative research projects (for example, a wireless Internet-controlled robot) ($1,000).

  • Support summer stipends for faculty mentors to work with students on collaborative research projects ($500 per stipend).

  • Help bring in guest speakers to give talks on advancements in physics and astronomy ($1,000).

  • Purchase new eyepieces for telescopes on the roof of Phillips Science Hall ($1,500).

  • Support stipends and/or supplies/equipment for students conducting science theater outreach demonstrations ($500 per stipend or $500 for supplies/equipment).

  • Purchase equipment and supplies for class projects and/or for departmental wood and/or metal machine shops ($500).

  • Support renovation of office and faculty/staff workroom, making an inviting and comfortable space for administrative work and recruiting ($1,000-$5,000).

Thank you for considering a gift to benefit the physics and astronomy department at UW-Eau Claire. For more information, contact Dr. Lyle Ford, department chair, at or 715-836-5046.

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"Attending a smaller institution such as UW-Eau Claire has given me advantages I never imagine, such as the opportunity to do research as a first year student."

- James, physics major