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The department of mathematics at UW-Eau Claire has 30 tenured or tenure-track professors. It provides a rigorous curriculum in the classroom and engagement of students in learning outside of the classroom through faculty-student collaborative research.

(Photo left.) Students are enthusiastic supporters of Pi Day — the annual fundraiser for mathematics. According to professors, it’s a smashing success.

Your Gift Supports:

Support the general needs of the department of mathematics with a gift of any amount to the Mathematics Advancement Fund, which is used to meet the needs of the department that cannot be met by the state-assisted university operating budget. The fund enables the department to take advantage of opportunities to advance its cause.

The amount in parentheses indicates the annual amount required to meet current obligations:

  • New undergraduate scholarships ($500 annual, $15,000 to endow).

  • Student travel to present research at the American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Association of America, Wisconsin Mathematics Council and other scholarly meetings ($500).

  • Rewards for actuarial science students who take and pass professional actuarial exams ($1,000 annually).

  • Stipends and/or released time for faculty research mentors of students ($2,000 per project).  

  • Rewards for faculty for excellence in teaching, faculty-student scholarship and advising ($1,500 annually).

  • Annual math retreat ($1,500).

  • Equipment for student/faculty collaborative work environments such as the mathematics seminar room ($2,000).

  • Fully equipped computer laboratory classroom for timely experiences with appropriate technology ($50,000).

  • Endowment of a chair in actuarial science ($1.5 million).

  • Existing mathematics scholarships (gifts of any amount).
Thank you for considering a gift to benefit mathematics at UW-Eau Claire. For more information, contact Alex Smith, department chair, at or 715-836-3673.

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"Everyone helps each other, whether it is related to math or life in general. The faculty challenge students to go above and beyond class to further their education."

- Katie, math major