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The economics department provides students with the tools and concepts to help them understand a broad range of topics such as financial markets, government policy, the global economy, environmental problems, the status of women and minorities in society and the historical roots of our modern world. Students who study economics gain a broad global perspective and deep analytical skills that will be valuable in careers in business, government, teaching, law and other fields.



Your Gift Supports:

Support the general needs of the economics department with a gift of any amount to the Economics Advancement Fund, which is used to meet the needs of the department that cannot be met by the state-assisted university operating budget. The fund enables the department to take advantage of opportunities to advance its cause.

The amount in parentheses indicates the annual amount required to meet current obligations:

  • Student Excellence in Research Scholarship ($500 annual, $15,000 to endow).

  • Upgrade to Implan model, used to make regional economic impact forecasts ($2,000).

  • Journal Subscription Fund to make frequently used journals available to students in the department ($300).

  • Portable video-data projector and laptop computer for campus and community presentations ($3,000).

  • Stipend for research assistant for Chippewa Valley Center for Economic Research and Development ($1,000 per stipend).

  • Guest speakers ($1,000).

  • Stipends to send students to regional meetings to present research papers ($300 per stipend).

  • Annual Alumni Excellence Awards for outstanding economics students ($50 per award).

  • Subsidy for 20 annual student memberships in honor society Omicron Delta Epsilon ($400).

  • Existing economics scholarships (gifts of any amount).

Thank you for considering a gift to benefit the economics department at UW-Eau Claire. For more information, contact Dr. Wayne Carroll, department chair, at or 715-836-3388.

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"Economics can be used as a platform for any career path you choose."

- Laura, economics major