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Art & Design

The department of art & design embraces its responsibility as an integral component of a public liberal arts institution and of our local and regional communities. Our programs advance the university’s mission and its liberal arts education learning goals. Our diverse and inclusive curriculum in the visual arts promotes a body of knowledge that serves individual needs, stimulates the eyes and challenges the minds of all our students.

Your Gift Supports:

Support the general needs of the department of art & design with a gift of any amount to the Art & Design Advancement Fund, which is used to meet the needs of the department that cannot be met by the state-assisted university operating budget. The fund enables the department to take advantage of opportunities to advance its cause.

The amount in parentheses indicates the annual amount required to meet current obligations:

  • Updates and upgrades for computer graphics labs ($50,000 each).

  • Existing art & design scholarships (gifts of any amount).

  • Equipment to convert slide collection to digital format ($5,000).

  • License for Art Source, an online collection of images ($6,000).

  • Digital cameras for student use, including a professional digital camera system and a wide-format printer ($10,000).

  • Scholarship fund for graphic design and studio art ($500 annual, $15,000 to endow).

  • New kilns, wheels, clay and glaze mixing materials ($10,000).

  • Software upgrades for design, photo, 3-D animation and electronic arts labs ($6,000).

  • Support for speakers and visiting artists ($3,000).

  • LCD projectors for studio classroom projection of digital images ($3,000 per studio, nine studios need systems).

Thank you for considering a gift to benefit the department of art & design at UW-Eau Claire. For more information, contact Christos Theo, department chair, at or 715-836-3277.

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Support the Stephen Katrosits New York Field Studies Scholarship Fund

Recognize and honor Professor Katrosits’ life and his legacy and give UW-Eau Claire students the opportunity to appreciate and study great works of art firsthand and gain inspiration from venues and artists in the world’s leading art cities.

Read testimonies from students about the impact Professor Katrosits and the New York Field Studies program.


"To see these great works hanging in a museum or gallery where you can almost reach out and touch them is a life altering experience. These trips are a valuable tool and I have witnessed a marked difference in the attitudes of students who have had this experience."

Thomas Wagenerdirector of Foster Galley in the Fine Arts Center