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Department of Sociology

Sociology is the branch of the social sciences that examines the causes and consequences of group behavior. The department of sociology at UW-Eau Claire prepares students for graduate study and administrative positions in nonprofit settings, businesses, social service agencies or hospitals. Students have the opportunity to explore many different aspects of society including interpersonal communication, race relations, class inequality, population dynamics, gender relations, social movements and the family.



  • Under faculty advisement, students participate in an innovative after school program called "Adventure Girls," which helps girls in primary and middle school deal with tough coming of age issues. This provides an opportunity for outreach and for applying classroom knowledge and theory.

Your Gift Supports:

Support the general needs of the department of sociology with a gift of any amount to the Sociology Advancement Fund, which is used to meet the needs of the department that cannot be met by the state-assisted university operating budget. The fund enables the department to take advantage of opportunities to advance its cause.

The amount in parentheses indicates the annual amount required to meet current obligations.

  • Funds to support existing undergraduate scholarships (gifts of any amount).

  • Support, or grant matches, for resources that enhance faculty-student collaborative research, such as qualitative and quantitative software packages, digital video and audio recording equipment, upgraded computer equipment and licenses for large data sets ($200-$1,000).

  • Funds to establish a Faculty Opportunity Fund to reward faculty for excellence in teaching, faculty-student scholarship and advising ($1,500).

  • Support for speakers and visiting scholars ($3,000).

  • Funds to support new and existing outreach programs such as the Adventure Girls program (any amount).

  • Funds to provide furniture and lighting for study and research areas in Schneider Social Science Hall ($5,000).

Thank you for considering a gift to benefit the department of sociology at UW-Eau Claire. For more information, contact Dr. Pamela Forman, department chair. at or 715-836-3039.

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"The sociology professors here on campus are very helpful and are always encouraging students to ask for help if they need it. The sociology department offers great courses to learn about inequalities within our society."

- Mai, sociology major