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how can I make a gift to fit my goals

Matching Gifts

Your contribution to the UW-Eau Claire Foundation can be doubled or even tripled by a matching gift from your (or your spouse's or significant other's) employer. Hundreds of American and international corporations match their employees’ charitable donations. A matching gift is added to the amount of a gift to determine your giving recognition level, and it will increase the power of your investment in UW-Eau Claire's students and academic programs.

Check with your human resources or personnel office to determine the company’s policies and to pick up a matching gift form. Gift-matching procedures can vary from company to company. The following example is typical:

1. An employee gets a matching gift form from the employer, usually from the human resources department.

2. After completing the form, the employee sends it along with the donation to the educational institution or nonprofit charity.

3. The nonprofit certifies on the form that it has received the gift and that it meets the company's guidelines for receiving a matching gift.

4. The nonprofit returns the form to the company.

5. The company verifies eligibility of the employee and the nonprofit recipient and sends a check to the nonprofit.

For more information about matching gifts, call the UW-Eau Claire Foundation at (715) 836-5630 or send an e-mail to