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Blugold Real Estate 

The Blugold Real Estate Foundation Inc. is the legal owner of all real estate acquired for the benefit of UW-Eau Claire. Blugold Real Estate was organized by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Inc. in 2015 and is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Blugold Real Estate was created to serve as a supporting organization for the UW-Eau Claire Foundation to receive gifts of real estate, purchase and develop real estate, and/or hold real estate for investment or future development that will benefit the university.

Current Blugold Real Estate projects include:

Blugold Real Estate Board of Directors

Neil Lipinski '80
, Chair
Irvington, N.Y., Independent Business Owner

Terry McMahon '78, Vice President
Milwaukee, Wis., Co-owner/Principal, Boerke Company

Tim Hoeppner '82, Secretary
Arlington Heights, Ill., Real Estate Manager, MacArthur Foundation

Kimera Way, Executive Director
President, UW-Eau Claire Foundation

William "Chops" Hancock
Winona, Minn., Retired

Steve Semingson '68
Huntington Beach, Calif,, President, Civic Partners Inc.

Coby Kohn' 78

Chief Financial Officer, UW-Eau Claire Foundation

George F. Stroebel '74

Chair, UW-Eau Claire Foundation Board of Directors
Minneapolis, Minn., Chief Financial Officer, CommunityLeader Inc.