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Care Packages 

  • The most common advice is SEND MAIL of any kind. Students love to have something other than credit card solicitations in their mail box. They particularly report enjoying getting information from home: a news article, pictures (yes real pictures on paper), a fun card, a "message" from a pet..., etc. And a little money is an added benefit.
  • Think in terms of what your child likes to eat, wear, do, etc. AND what they are most likely to lose, forget to buy, etc. For one student receiving girl scout cookies was both a sentimental and a delicious treat. For another it was hair ties or lip gloss, because they were always losing them.
  • While there is a grocery store nearby, students still love getting microwave meals (macaroni and cheese, for example), popcorn, granola bars, hot chocolate, etc.
  • It's great to send things they can share with friends. While baked goods are welcome, it doesn't have to be homemade. One parent sent twelve small gift packages filled with treats just before finals so her daughter could distribute them to friends!
  • Gift certificates to local restaurants (or a Chamber gift certificate) or really appreciated.