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Mail Services

Contact: Tim Andrew


Mail Services is responsible for the daily pickup, delivery and sorting of incoming and outgoing U.S. and campus mail. Mail Services processes outgoing mail valued at approximately $425,000 annually. They average 7,250 pieces of outgoing mail daily. Incoming mail is estimated at 9,000 pieces daily. In addition, they handle an average of 2,400 pieces of interdepartmental mail daily.

University Mail Policies

  • Campus mail envelopes should be used for all routine on-campus correspondence.
  • Outgoing official university mail in #10 regular white envelopes will be sealed when postage is affixed in the mail room. Envelopes larger or smaller than the #10 regular white envelope must be sealed by the sender. All outgoing mail must have a departmental address and account number in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.
  • Advance arrangements should be made with Mail Services for large or bulk mailings at reduced rates.

Delivery Services and Policies

  • Mail Services delivers to the addressee's mail-receiving point:
    • all U.S. mail received daily, and
    • on-campus addressed communications in campus-mail envelopes.
  • Mail Services delivers to mail-receiving points the following types of communications not addressed to individuals but designated for distribution to all faculty, or all staff, or all personnel:
    • official publications, notices, or bulletins of the University (administrative offices, official committees, or campus organizations), when delivery is requested and the communication is signed by faculty or academic staff who takes responsibility for it;
    • informational (professional) literature when signed by faculty or academic staff who takes responsibility for its content; and
    • literature and other items considered to have potential professional value, even when provided by commercial sources off-campus. Note: Unsigned notices, promotional materials, or "want ad" types of notices will not be accepted for distribution. No political material of any kind will be distributed.

Delivery/Collection Schedule

Mail is delivered and collected in department and administrative offices between 11 AM and 2 PM, Monday through Friday. Mail is collected between 1:30 PM and 2 PM at designated drop boxes in the following buildings: Human Sciences and Services, Hibbard, and Phillips. Mail will be picked up at the Schofield drop box at 2:45pm.

Note: Personal U.S. mail and UPS services are offered at the University Service Center in Davies Center.

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