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Grounds Services

Grounds Shop

Construction and Landscaping Projects:
  • Designing and installing various landscape projects, including walkways, plantings, retaining walls, stairways, ramps, signage, lighting, irrigation, sculpture bases, playground equipment, etc.; assuming maintenance of contracted projects by completing, correcting and/or cleaning up the site after the contractor leaves.
Equipment Maintenance and Repair:
  • Performing preventative maintenance and repairs on Grounds equipment, updating and upgrading equipment to perform Grounds duties efficiently.
Flood Control:
  • Maintaining flood control structure and pumps; operating flood pumps.
Irrigation Maintenance:
  • Scheduling watering times; repairing, replacing, installing heads, valves, controllers and piping; winterizing.
Landscape Accessory Maintenance:
  • Installing and maintaining benches, waste containers, ash urns, kiosks, sculptures, railings, fences and banner poles.
Ornamental Planting & Maintenance:
  • Designing, selecting, purchasing, planting, pruning, mulching, fertilizing, spraying, watering of trees, shrubs, perennial, annual flowers.
Procuring Materials:
  • Purchasing, hauling and installing equipment and materials for other shops and departments as requested through the work-order process.
Project Design and Management:
  • Designing, specifying, contracting, and inspecting projects that are beyond the scope of a maintenance organization; projects may include parking, roadway, walkway, drainage, athletic field, irrigation, lighting, fencing, signage and sculpture base developments.
Road and Lot Maintenance:
  • Cleaning and patching pavement; cleaning catch basins and storm sewers.
Sidewalk Maintenance:
  • Cleaning, edging, repairing and replacing damaged walkways and adjacent lawn areas.
Sign Maintenance:
  • Installing, repairing and replacing signage.
Snow/Ice Removal:
  • Sweeping, plowing, blowing and shoveling snow; spreading sand and deicers on parking and service lots, walkways, exterior stairways, ramps, curb cuts, providing extra attention to areas of handicapped accessibility.
Trail Maintenance:
  • Pruning, grading and mulching of trails in Putnam Park.
Trash Removal:
  • Picking and collecting trash on campus grounds; cleaning ash urns; assisting in demolition projects and hauling away construction debris.
Turf Management:
  • Mowing, trimming, aerating, raking, spraying, fertilizing, irrigating, seeding, sodding.

Contracted Services:

Beaver Control:
  • Trapping of beavers and removing their dams.
Construction Projects:
  • Contracting of large-scale or knowledge and/or equipment intensive projects.
Construction Waste Disposal:
  • Hauling and disposal of mixed construction waste.
Fence Installation and Repair:
  • Installing and repairing of chain link fences and gates.
Pavement Repair:
  • Paving, patching, crack filling and sealing of bituminous roadways, lots, tennis and basketball courts.
Scrap Metal Recycling:
  • Hauling of mixed metals.
Street and Lot Cleaning:
  • Sweeping of the streets, service areas, and parking lots.