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Event Technology



University Centers pianos are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Recognized student organizations are given primary consideration whenever possible. Pianos in Davies Center can be moved to other facilities only for University Centers-sponsored activities. Only Event Services staff members are permitted to move pianos. If an event requires that a piano be moved from its permanent location, a $100 charge is incurred.


  • Willow Lounge — This 6'5" grand piano can be used in the Willow Lounge or on the main floor of the Council Fire Room.
  • Council Fire Room Stage — This 5' grand piano can be used on stage or stored in the wings when not in use.
  • Spruce-Tamarack Room Storage — One 6' Baldwin grand piano is stored on a piano cart for use in the Spruce-Tamarack Room, Zorn Arena, and other locations that can accommodate it.
  • Schofield Auditorium Stage — This 4'6" baby grand can be used on stage or stored in the wings when not in use.


  • The Cabin — A Yamaha upright piano is on the stage.
  • Spruce-Tamarack Room Storage — Several upright pianos are stored for use throughout Davies Center.


Pianos must be scheduled at least five business days prior to the event. If requests are made fewer than five business days in advance, Event Services cannot guarantee the availability of the piano or its being in tuned working condition. Reservations made fewer than 24 hours prior to the event will be charged a $25 late fee. Reservations not cancelled with the Event Services office will be charged the full estimated cost for the event.


If requested at least five working days before the event, Event Services will arrange have the piano professionally tuned. Cost for this service is typically between $85 and $130.