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Major Events

In November of each year, the Event Services office invites Major Events Reservation Requests for programs to take place at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire during the following academic year.

Major events are programs that draw 250 or more people, or that utilize several meeting rooms or entire buildings. Examples are the International Folk Fair, multicultural conferences, Cabaret, music festivals, major lectures and performing arts programs, and the Viennese Ball.

To maximize the use of university facilities, please be as specific as possible in your requests for the facility and the hours during which the space is to be used.

Please note that your submitting the request form does not guarantee that your needs can be met. You will be contacted if any date or facility cannot be confirmed as you have requested.

Reservation requests for smaller-scale events and regular meetings are accepted each February using the Standard Event Reservation Request form.

If you need assistance in preparing your reservation requests, call 715–836–3882 or visit the Event Services office.

If admission will be charged or donations will be accepted, a contractual agreement must be drawn up with the Assistant Director for Event Services at least two weeks prior to the event. Charges will be assessed according to the current facilities utilization fee schedule.

The Major Events Reservation Request form will be used for planning, and is not a final confirmation for requested facilities. The facility desired will be given preference in making the reservation; however, the date the request is received and the suitability of the facility relative to anticipated attendance will also be considered.

Event Services staff reserve the right to adjust room requests to better accommodate other requests.

Setup specifics must be submitted to Event Services at least ten working days in advance of the event. Late requests carry no guarantee of service. Setup and strike staffing hours may be required and charged back to your event.