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Save the Date


Providing sufficient labor and equipment to support events can be an issue if events are not cancelled with sufficient notice. If your reservation needs to be canceled, contact the Event Services office at least 24 hours (one working day) in advance of your meeting time.

The sponsoring group agrees to cancel reservations as soon as possible if plans are changed so the space can be made available to other groups. Groups may be assessed cancellation fees when other reservations have been refused and space is unused; when special physical setup arrangements have been made; or when a group habitually cancels space and setups.

If representatives do not show up for a meeting and it has not been canceled by the department or group, it is considered a no-show. The first no-show results in a written warning. A second no-show will result in revocation of reservation privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

Student organizations that feel they have received a no-show unjustly may contact the Event Services office, 715-836-3882.


This policy applies to academic departments and administrative offices that reserve space but subsequently cancel less than 24 hours prior to their program or event, or fail to show up for their meeting:

  • First offense  — The department, office or unit will receive a written warning from Event Services.

  • Second offense  — The department, office or unit will be placed on probationary status and will receive a second written warning from Event Services. The department, office or unit will be required to reconfirm all current reservations with Event Services staff, and unconfirmed reservations will be considered forfeit. 

  • Third offense and each subsequent offense  — The department, office or unit will be assessed a minimum reservation fee of $40 and will lose the privilege of advanced meeting reservations. If the group would like to reserve a space in the future they must wait until within 24 hours of the desired date and time of their event to make their reservation.