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Round or square tables seating six or eight people are typical for most table setups.
Head tables of any size can be accommodated. Rows of tables can be struck by staff members to accommodate the need for a dance floor at any time during the event; this
of course depends on room size and attendance. Cake tables can be either round or rectangular, depending on the cake size and shape and the preference of the client.
Gift tables will be placed inside the room in a secure area. A small round table may also be used for a guest book.


Decorations may be put up only on the day of the event, and arrangements must be made with the Conference Coordinator. If there is room available, flowers may be delivered the day prior to the event, for storage in a Blugold Dining cooler. For weddings, make arrangements with the Catering Director for delivery of your special decorations. Many table and room decorations can be rented from the catering department for a nominal fee; ask the Catering Director for more information.


Arrangements for DJs and bands are the responsibility of the client. The University requests that entertainment setups be made prior to the beginning of the reception, to avoid confusion and noise while guests are present.


Cakes may be purchased from Blugold Dining, or may be provided by a baker off campus. If the cake is purchased from Blugold Dining there is no charge for cutting and serving. If you purchase the cake off-campus and wish it to be served by the catering staff, a fee will be added to the invoice. Time for delivery must be arranged with the Catering Director if an off-campus bakery is used. Personalized napkins may be provided by the wedding party, or cocktail napkins can be provided by Blugold Dining.


Directions to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus, and a printable copy of the campus map, are available online. Clients are encouraged to distribute this information to guests. If directional street signs are desired, they are the responsibility of the client. Directional signs will be placed throughout Davies Center for the convenience of those not familiar with the building.


The University Usher Corps can provide a number of services to ensure that your event runs efficiently and professionally. Ushers can check tickets or identification, seat patrons, and provide security for events that require a larger operating staff. Ask about ushers when making reservations through the Event Services office.