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Alcohol Service

Wine and liquor service may be provided through Blugold Dining at scheduled receptions, dinners, and other catered events. Liquor may be hosted, or may be sold on an individual-drink basis. Wines and alcoholic punches may be served at receptions and dinners.

When alcohol service is desired, clients must comply with the UW-Eau Claire policy titled Alcoholic Beverages, Guidelines for Service of. This policy is administered by the Director of University Centers through the Assistant Director for Event Services.



Catering of alcoholic beverages by Blugold Dining may be scheduled and arranged only after authorization is obtained from the Assistant Director for Event Services — no fewer than 10 working days before the event.


Blugold Dining is responsible for checking proper identification (including proof of age) of those eligible to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.

Sponsoring groups must be familiar with catering guidelines and accept responsibility for assisting in proper identification, restricting consumption to the authorized area, and accepting financial responsibility for any theft or vandalism associated with the event.

Sponsoring groups or their representatives are to insure that authorization (sometimes including notification of the University Police) and calendar reservations are completed no fewer than 10 working days before the event.

Service Limitations

Alcoholic beverages will be served exclusively by Blugold Dining staff. These beverages will be served only at such times and under such conditions consistent with local, state and federal regulations governing such service.

Beverage service will be provided only in areas that have appropriate and adequate facilities for such service and where the control of patrons is possible.

The number of bartenders and door checkers required at events will be determined by mutual agreement between the University and Blugold Dining. For large events such as dances or concerts, University Usher Corps members may be hired to monitor any entrances and exits to the event, and for checking identification at the entrance of any areas designated for alcohol consumption. The sponsoring organization will be charged for this service.

The University may assign a student building manager to assist with crowd control and to insure that University alcohol policies are met.

When alcohol service is desired, an alcohol-free alternative must also be provided to guests. All alcohol service ends 30 minutes before the completion of the event.



Cash Bar

An event at which individuals purchase beer, wine and liquor from the bar at current prices

Cash bars must reach a sales minimum of $50 per half hour, per bartender, while the bar is open. If the minimum is not met, the difference between sales and labor cost will be billed to the sponsor.

Open-Bar Event

A closed event at which bar service is available without charge for guests

These are the maximum time limits for an open bar with a catered dinner:
  • 1-1/2 hours prior to the meal (open reception)
  • During the meal
  • Up to two hours following the meal (dance or social event)

The maximum time limit for an open bar without a catered dinner is two hours. A cash bar may be arranged for service at other times.

To insure that alcohol is available only to those of legal drinking age, pitchers of fermented beverages are not available to clients. Unopened containers will be credited to the client’s bill. Opened containers will be considered consumed.




The Event Services office maintains a comprehensive calendar of all non-academic activities on campus. The staff works with individuals, organizations and offices in planning and executing their events.

All non-academic events must be scheduled with the Event Services office at least 10 working days prior to the date the event is to take place.

Make specific food and beverage arrangements with the Catering Director in Davies Center 250J.



  1. Obtain the form Authorization for Catering Alcoholic Beverages from the Event Services office. Complete all applicable information. If you represent a student group, obtain an authorized signature from your organization’s advisor or your hall director. Please review the policy titled Alcohol at Activities Sponsored by Student Organizations.

  2. Bring the authorization form to the Event Services office. The Event Services staff will schedule a meeting with you and the Catering Director. They will consult with you about alcohol service at your event. Sponsoring groups or their representatives are to insure that alcohol authorization and facilities reservations are completed no fewer than 10 working days before the date the event is to take place.