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Heritage Room

Davies Center 122A
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27.1' × 24.9' × 15'
361.4 square feet

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With its art glass windows and antique mahogany paneling and furnishings, the Heritage Room is preserved from the home of lumber merchant Daniel Dulany, a mansion that stood on the corner of State Street and Garfield Avenue. Constructed in 1910, the Dulany mansion was purchased by the Davies administration in 1946, becoming the college's first residence hall — Memorial Hall. In accordance with the wishes of the Wachendorfers, heirs of the Dulany estate, the parlors and mahogany paneled dining room of the mansion were preserved along with some of the original furnishings, and the college thus acquired a handsome social setting for teas and receptions. In 1964 the dining room from Memorial Hall was dismantled and reconstructed in the original Davies Center. In 2012 it was carefully moved to the new Davies Center.

Requests for use of the Heritage Room during the weekday luncheon period should be directed to the Blugold Dining office. Call 715-836-2632.

Reservations for the Heritage Room may be made for Monday through Friday between
4 p.m. and 11 p.m., and all hours of the weekend. Only events that require catering services through Blugold Dining will be scheduled.

Reservations must be made at least two weeks — ten working days — prior to the event. Approval by the catering director or the director of Blugold Dining must be received before reservations are confirmed. Account numbers or billing processes must be in place, and security deposits as determined by the Blugold Dining office must be processed in order to complete the reservation. All reservation requests will be regarded as tentative until this information is received by Event Services. 

All food and beverages provided in the Heritage Room must be catered through Blugold Dining. User groups are not permitted to bring their own food or beverages.

The Heritage Room must be used as is. Moving any tables, chairs or other furnishings will result in the user group being charged a $45 labor fee to cover the setup adjustments. Events requiring specific adjustments will incur all labor charges for setup and strike, and will be billed to the appropriate account.