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About Us

Usher Corps Administrative Manager


  • The manager is automatically a manager at events; he/she must display him/herself in a professional manner at all times when working at Usher Corps events.
  • The manager has the knowledge and is expected to be able to run any and all events for which the Usher Corps is requested. The Usher Corps manager assumes the overall supervisory responsibility for the coordination of all activities of the 30+ member University Usher Corps. This includes hiring, training, and supervising employees throughout the year.
  • The manager coordinates large events such as Homecoming, Commencement ceremonies (Fall and Spring), Viennese Ball, other large concerts
  • All Ushers Corps employees are required to work four specific events throughout the school year. These events include: at least one Homecoming event, at least one Winter Commencement Ceremony, at least one night of Viennese ball, and at least one Spring Commencement Ceremony.


  • Leadership Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Communication Skills — Written, Verbal, and Interpersonal
  • Computer Knowledge — Proficient typing skills (numeric keypad skills helpful)
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Team Skills
  • Independent and Collaborative Working Skills
  • Outgoing and Friendly Personality
  • CPR Certification (not required but is recommended)


  • Be a role model for Ushers and UICs
  • Correspond with both Ushers and University Staff
  • Attend weekly manager meetings
  • Supervise events — Know how to run all events on campus
  • Handle problems that occur before, during, and after events
  • Answer questions patrons may have
  • Attend and participate in annual general meeting
  • Office duties — Prepare all Usher Corps payroll via computer  |  Prepare Usher Corps correspondence for both ushers and university faculty/staff
  • Hire, train, and supervise all Usher Corps employees
  • Evaluate Usher performance