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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I learn more about UW-Eau Claire?

Visit the University's homepage, which also has a link at the top of this page. And if you are planning to visit our campus, you may also want to look at the University's Campus Visitors page.

Where can I get information on the city of Eau Claire?

Try out the About Eau Claire area page.

Where can I get writing help?

The Center for Writing Excellence provides free help on writing projects. 

Where can I find information on services offered for students with disabilities?

Visit the UW-Eau Claire Services for Students with Disabilities site.

Where can I find links to student English organizations?

Our Organizations page has links dedicated to our department organizations, student-run publications, and student projects.


Where can I find admission information for English Studies?

The UW-Eau Claire Admission's Office has an English Undergraduate Fact Sheet with information on studying English and high school preparation for admission to the University and English department.

What English courses are actually being offered next term?

Choose the Class Schedule page from the Registrar's site to find out.

What courses are regularly taught in the Department of English?

See the Catalogs page for links to course descriptions.

Where can I learn more about English programs (i.e., majors and minors)?

For an overview, visit the Academic Offerings page.

Graduate Students

How is graduate work different from undergraduate work?

In graduate school at UWEC, more attention is given to research techniques and critical perspectives. UWEC requires two core courses which focus on these areas: Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing; Methods of Bibliography and Research; and Seminar in Critical Theory and English Studies. The research that students do in graduate school is more in-depth than undergraduate work, so students need to gain a comprehensive knowledge of major research tools and critical perspectives. For a more complete picture of graduate work in English at UWEC, see Graduate Program Requirements.

What is the work load like?

As you would expect, graduate school is more intense than undergraduate study. A few classes require more papers than you might be used to, but the major difference lies in the quality of the papers students write. They are better researched, more in-depth, and require a greater amount of work than most undergraduate papers. They are also more interesting (and fulfilling) to write! In terms of meeting times, most graduate courses (with the exception of double numbered courses) meet once a week for approximately three hours.

Are most students full time?

Some are, and some are not. No kind of student, however, is unusual in any graduate program. Some students received their bachelor's degree very recently, but others have a life outside of school and take fewer classes each semester.

Do nontraditional students go to graduate school at UWEC?

They certainly do. Some graduate students apply the same semester they receive their bachelor's degree, but others are married, have families, or are going back to school. However, most students who have full-time jobs outside of school do not attend full time.

How do I apply? How much does graduate school cost at UWEC? Can I get financial aid?

Tuition varies according to the number of credits you are taking. Tuition fees diminish if a resident takes eight or fewer credits. See the Business Services Web site for information on the current Tuition Fee Schedule. For answers to questions about finances and the application process, see UWEC's page on the Graduate Admission Process.

How do I get a catalog? How do I get brochures and other information?

If you are off-campus and cannot access the online catalog, please contact the Registrar's office at 715-836-2425 or for a published copy. Brochures and other information can be found in the English Department Office in Centennial Hall 4102.

What if I don't have the required undergraduate credits?

You may accumulate these credits at UWEC while pursuing graduate coursework if you choose, or you may take the required undergraduate courses before entering the English Graduate Program.