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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to be an Econ major - now what do I do?To top
Drop by the Economics Department, Schneider Hall room 476, and make an appointment to see Dr. Wayne Carroll, the Economics Department Chair. He will talk to you about program options, sign you up for the major, and assign you an adviser that matches your interests.

What's the difference between a "Business-Econ" degree and a "Liberal Arts-Econ" degree?To top
A Business-Econ degree is a comprehensive major in economics consisting of the Basic Business Core in the College of Business plus additional economics courses. Completion of this major results in a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. A Liberal-Arts Econ degree requires a minor and results in either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. For more information, please consult the current catalogue, or use the following link regarding economic's degrees: Econ degree information. Needs to link to

Are there any other Econ degrees I can get?To top
Yes. In addition to the preceding degrees, there is an Economics-Teaching major which also requires a minor. This major (in conjunction with the School of Education) leads to licensure to teach in grades 6-12.

What Econ courses should a new Econ major take?To top
A new major should take Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 103) and Principles of Macroeconomics (Econ 104). These courses can be taken in either order or simultaneously. Introduction to Political Economy (Econ 201) may be taken before Econ 103 and/or 104, but credit will not be granted if taken after either of the above-mentioned courses.

Are there courses in other departments that would help prepare me for an Economics major?To top
A "C" or better in Math 020 (Intermediate Algebra) is required for entrance into Econ 103/104. Math 245 (Introduction to Statistics) is highly recommended in preparation for economics courses.

How many Econ majors and minors are there?To top
Currently there are approximately 135 majors and 25 minors.

What's the average number of students in an econ class?To top
Upper-division courses (300+) have no more than 30 students. Lower-division courses range from 20-70 students depending on the section.

Are any Econ classes offered in the evenings?To top
Econ 103 and Econ 104 are offered as evening classes every semester.

Do I have to be good in Math to be an Econ major?To top
Yes and No. Although Math is involved in many aspects, Econ is also a social science where verbal and written skills are also valued.

What if I need help with my classes?To top
If you need tutoring in Econ 103, 104 or 201, please contact the Academic Skills Center, OL 2112. Or see your professor during their office hours.

What resources are there for adult returning (Nontraditional) students?To top
For information regarding Nontraditional Students, please contact the Nontraditional Student Services Adviser, Bonnie J. Isaacson (, Tel: 715-836-3259), in Schofield Hall Rm. 226, or click on the following link for further information. Nontraditional Student Services

What if I have questions that have not been addressed?To top
Feel free to contact the Economics Department Chair, Dr. Wayne Carroll: email: phone: 715-836-5743 visit: Schneider Hall Rm. 476