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Econ 491 trip to NYC

View photos from the Econ 491 trip to NYC.

Professors in the departments of economics and history took 15 history and 15 economics students — including one student from Eau Claire and several from western Wisconsin — to New York City April 7-15, 2012 for an immersion experience. Students participated in a project titled "New York City and the Immigrant Experience: An Economic and Historical Perspective." Professors Rose-Marie Avin (economics) and Jane Pederson (history) created a learning community around the question: "What is the impact of immigration on New York City and by extension the United States?" Prior to traveling to New York City, students studied economic theory and the rich historical literature on immigration. Avin's class is focusing on the economic contributions and experiences of the new immigration (since 1965) from China, Latin America and the Caribbean. Pederson's students are focusing on the "old immigration" (1815-1914) from Ireland, Germany, Italy and China. The economics and history students travelled together to New York City to better understand the experiences and realities of immigration. They visited museums, toured neighborhoods and immersed themselves in the immigrant experience. Part of the purpose of the trip was to expand analytic and research skills, garner interdisciplinary insights, interact with students and faculty from another discipline, and together discover the wonders of one of the truly diverse and great cities of the world. For more information, contact Dr. Rose-Marie Avin at 715-836-4513 or, or Dr. Jane Pederson at 715-836- 5900 or (Adapted from April 2 Tip Sheet of UWEC News and Events.)