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Provost's Honors Symposium

Economic students are included in Provost's Honors Symposium.

The Provost's Honors Symposium for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity was held on May 4, 2012. This is an opportunity for selected students to present their top-notch work in a professional conference format. Participants in the Provost's Honors Symposium are nominated each spring by their UW-Eau Claire faculty mentors. Finalists are selected by the University Honors Council, a committee that includes two University Honors students, and faculty representatives from each of the UW-Eau Claire colleges. The following are the selected student presenters and their research from the Economics Department.

  • The Impact of the USDA Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program on Children's Consumption and Other Related Behaviors
    Presenters: Judy Dickinson, Stephen Fisher, Kevin Reinhold, Laurelyn Wieseman
    Faculty nominators: Dr. Lori Bica, Dr. Eric Jamelske
  • Using Incentives to Influence Children to Bring Fruit and Vegetables from Home for School Snacks
    Presenters: Lainee Hoffman, Stephanie Mabrey, April Ross
    Faculty nominators: Dr. Lori Bica, Dr. Eric Jamelske
  • Assessing Climate Change/Global Warming Awareness, Perceptions, and Beliefs among College Students in the United States and China
    Presenters: Christopher Brown, Elora Leene, Brittany Whited
    Faculty nominator: Dr. Eric Jamelske
  • Comparing Survey Results to Assess Political Differences in Relation to Climate Change/Global Warming Awareness, Perceptions, and Beliefs of College Students in the United States
    Presenters: Drew Christensen, Daniel Putman
    Faculty nominator: Dr. Eric Jamelske
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Fruit and Vegetable Research TeamClimate Change Reseach Team

  • Missing Girls of India
    Presenters: Carly Michelle Hanson, Rebecca Leigh Hubbard
    Faculty nominator: Dr. Sanjukta Chaudhuri
    Two sources of excess female mortality in India (known as 'missing girls') are pre-natal sex selective abortion that leads to missing girls at birth, and post-natal discrimination, which results in missing girls after birth. The objective of theis paper was to estimate the percentage and source of missing girls in thirteen states of India. The study finds wide regional variation...
  • A Revisit of the Credit Rating: An Empirical test of the First Passage Model
    Presenter: Wendell Tan
    Faculty nominator: Dr. Yan Li
    Credit ratings are assigned in hopes of overcoming the informative asymmetry between lenders and borrowers in financial markets. We revisit the methodologies of credit rating in this project, and contribute to the literature by revisitng the "first passage model" to make it more tractable. The validation of the revised model is then empirically tested by studying the sovereign creditworthiness of the United States.