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About Us

The UWEC Economics Department is deeply committed to promoting transformative learning both inside and outside the classroom. Economics provides a powerful way to understand people's private decisions and their roles in society and can transform a student's perspective on her or his place in the world. Training in economics transforms the lives of our students in many ways: by informing their personal decisions, by enhancing their productivity in their careers, by preparing them to be engaged citizens, and by helping them develop a critical understanding of their society and the global economy. 

Our program is designed to extend our students' learning far beyond the classroom. Many of our courses are largely devoted to global issues and we address broad questions of social welfare in our classes. Our faculty/student collaborative research projects often engage students in research in the community and give them opportunities to present their work at conferences far from Eau Claire. The economics department provides broad training in critical thinking skills that prepares students for a wide range of careers, so our gaduates can move on to a wide variety of roles in the region. Our professional internship program places several students each year in local banks, government agencies, or businesses, sometimes leading them directly to jobs after graduation.