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Testing and Placement

Placement Testing

During Orientation, students will take the UW-Eau Claire English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Exam. The exam has speaking, reading/writing and grammar/vocabulary sections.

Course Placement

After taking the exam, each student will be placed into the appropriate ESL level according to his/her proficiency level. The 200 level is intermediate and the 300 level is low-advanced. Students will take 4-5 classes at that level.

Continual Assessment and Feedback

Throughout the semester, the instructor of each class will design and administer regular content examinations for that class. These will include both oral and written tests, project work, and performance and proficiency assessments. At the conclusion of the semester, each instructor will submit a final percentage grade for each participant. 

ESL Program Placement (TOEFL, TOEIC, and ACTFL)

Below are our two levels and their equivalencies by exam score. You will take a placement exam during orientation week at UW-Eau Claire. If you test lower than our lowest level, you may be required to transfer to another program that offers your appropriate level.

200 Level
48-65 275-395 (listening)
275-380 (reading)
Intermediate mid writing
Intermediate high speaking
300 Level
66-79 400-485 (listening)
385-495 (reading)
Advanced low writing
Advanced mid speaking