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Your Blugold Card

Blugold Card


The Blugold Card, the official photo identification card of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is issued and replaced at Blugold Card Services, in Davies Center’s east lobby.

Always bring your Blugold Card when you want to use your meal plan. To pay for a meal, present your Blugold Card to the cashier at any campus dining location and state the type of meal plan you are using or your Meal Plan Dollar Account. You are the only person who can use your Blugold Card. The cashier will verify your photograph.


Register for online access to your meal plan. Essential information can be given to parents or anyone else who will make online deposits to your Meal Plan Dollar Account using Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

  • Check your account balance
  • View your transaction history
  • Deposit funds to your Meal Plan Dollar Account, Blugold Account
    and Diners Club account using Discover, MasterCard or Visa
  • Report your Blugold Card missing, lost or stolen


If you misplace your Blugold Card, contact Blugold Card Services or use your online account access to suspend activity on your accounts until you are able to find it. When you locate your card you may reinstate activity on your accounts at no charge by visiting Blugold Card Services.

If you are sure that your card is lost or has been stolen, contact Blugold Card Services or use your online account access to lock your accounts until a new card is issued to you. Blugold Cards that are damaged beyond normal wear must be replaced at the cardholder’s expense. Replacement of a Blugold Card is currently $10; the replacement cost will be $15 effective July 1, 2014. Photo identification is required.