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Location: Davies Center, Second Floor
Room Capacity:* 90
Booking Information: Contact Event Services at 715-836-3882.

The Dulany

The Dulany’s historic setting is an excellent choice for business meetings, receptions or dinners.  A number of historic photos by Gilbert Tanner, professor of geography, are featured in The Dulany. Among Tanner's images are a photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt, a set of photographs of Sen. John Kennedy speaking in Kjer Theatre and visiting Davies Center in November 1959, and University President Leonard Haas speaking to 3,500 students at the rally that followed the killing of four students on Ohio's Kent State campus.

The Dulany and the Heritage Room must be used as is. Moving any tables, couches, chairs or other furnishings will result in the user group being charged a $45 labor fee to cover the setup adjustments. Events requiring specific adjustments will incur all labor charges for setup and strike, and will be billed to the appropriate account.

*Actual room capacity may vary depending on the type of the event and tables used.