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Recycling + Composting  

Do your part to help the environment! When dining on lower campus, here's what should be recycled, composted and thrown away:

Recyclable Materials

Aluminum cans
Condiment cups + lids
Glass bottles
Metal caps + lids
Plastic beverage cold cups
Plastic bottles (soda, juice, milk, water + lids)
Plastic clamshells (salad bar, dessert + Simply to Go containers)
Plastic cups (yogurt, Simply to Go fruit + vegetable cups)
Plastic lids (bottles, beverages, Simply to Go cups)
Sushi DO rice bowls (black bowls + clear lids)
Sushi DO sushi containers


Compost Materials

ALL food
Blu Flame Grill food boats
D’Italia cheese bread bags
Green Mountain coffee cups + sleeves
Mongolian Grill + Sushi DO chopsticks
Paper beverage cold cups
Paper packets (salt, pepper, etc.)
Plates (Blu Flame Grill, D’Italia, Mongolian Grill, The Cabin + Tres Habaneros)
Sleeves (straws + chopsticks)
Soup bowls + lids
To-go paper clamshells (Blu Flame Grill, D’Italia, Mongolian Grill + Tres Habaneros)


Landfill Materials

Caribou Coffee + Einstein Bros. Bagels coffee cups
Chip bags
Condiment packets (syrup containers, hot sauce, etc.)
Lids with no recycle symbol
Miscellaneous items (receipts, waxed cardboard bowls, wipes, etc.)
Waxed cartons (milk, juice, etc.)
Waxed paper (Erbert and Gerbert’s Bistro + Einstein Bros. Bagels food wrappers)
Wrappers (candy, Clif bars, cookies, fruit rolls, sandwich bags, Saran wrap, Ziploc-style bags, etc.)