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Emergencies and Crises

The Dean of Students Office has as one of its functions the task of responding to crisis situations which involve University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students on campus, in the community, and in other locations as appropriate. It is desirable to have the individuals most immediately responsible for activities in their area alerted to serious situations.

Crisis is defined as a significant event or radical change of status in a person's life, or as an unstable or crucial time which requires special assistance or intervention. Types of crises likely to be found in the University environment include the following:                           

1.      Death (student, friend, family)
2.      Serious injury
3.      Mental health related events including involuntary detention
4.      Sexual assault
5.      Discipline
6.      Crisis arising from environmental or ecological disaster
7.      Threats to the public welfare
During a student crisis, our office goals are:
1. Assist the student (or students) or other involved individuals to best cope with and resolve the crisis they may be facing.
2. To provide coordination with external agencies, including the media, that may be involved with the University during the crisis.
3. To provide communication and coordination internally within the University.
4. To assist in post-crisis support.     

During a crisis, the Dean of Students Office will work with and coordinate efforts with external agencies such as clergy, law enforcement personnel, family, or friends in assisting those affected by the crisis.  The office will also notify the appropriate University offices or individuals, and assist in the designation of an institutional spokesperson to the media.

Bias/Hate Incident Reporting

A bias/hate incident is an act of conduct, speech, or expression motivated by race, religion, color, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, or ancestry, that results in intimidation, harassment, or violence (regardless of whether the act is criminal).

Student in Crisis

In the event of short term illnesses (less than 3 days) it is best to contact your instructor directly. If your student is hospitalized or experiencing a difficulty that will keep them out of school for 3 days or more you will want to report a student absence. If you are concerned about your student's health or wellness and you want to let UW-Eau Claire know - you can also contact our office at 715-836-5626 or email:

Family in Crisis

Sometimes a family member might have difficulty contacting a student in a time of crisis, such as a medical emergency or a death in the family. All emergency inquiries during business hours should be directed to our office at 715-836-5626. After hours, contact the University Police Department at: 715-577-9045.

Campus Emergency Status

The campus posts any large scale campus emergency on our emergency status notice on the website. Students will be notified (via text message if they've signed up for the service) in the event of a campus wide emergency.

Pandemic Plan