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Common Concerns and Resources

Academic Concerns

Campus Resources

Disappointing mid-term grades

Fear of taking tests
Overwhelmed with academic work
Term Paper Due
Should I withdraw from a class?
  • Professor
  • Adviser
Registration for second semester
  • Adviser
I have no major or don't like my major
I have a disability and would like to register it with the University
Personal Concerns
Campus Resources
Homesick/feel I don't fit in
Roommate problems
Exhausted/Lack of balance
Moral Dilemmas (sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.)
Gained or lost 10 points
Running out of money/need a job
I am a veteran and/or in the military and am trying to coordinate benefit services; I am looking to get connected with other veterans/military service members  
I think I was sexually assaulted; My friend or family member was sexually assaulted and I want to support him/her  
I have concerns about alcohol/drug use and/or would like to learn more about substances  
I would like to get more involved and meet new people
I identify as LGBTQ and want to know about campus resources; I have a friend who identifies as LGBTQ and need to know where to go for resources


Office Locations & Telephone Numbers

Academic Skills Center
Centennial Hall 2104
Housing and Residence Life
Towers Hall North 112
Davies Center 222
Office of Financial Aid
Schofield 115
Advising/New Student Initiatives
Schofield 226
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Centennial Hall 1106
Career Services
Schofield 230
Dean of Students Office
Schofield 240
Counseling Services
Old Library 2122
University Recreation & Sport Facilities
Hilltop 106
Ecumenical Religious Center
110 Garfield Avenue
Newman Catholic Parish
University Lutheran Church
Student Health Services
Crest Wellness Center 151