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Student Experiences


Name: Stephanie Benson
Home Campus: UW-Eau Claire
Host Campus: Northern Arizona University

“My experience at Northern Arizona University was invaluable. It is incredible how many different perspectives I acquired in my field of study! Everything was amazing - the people, the faculty, the location - EVERYTHING. It was so amazing, in fact, that it went by in a blink of an eye. If I could do it again, I would in a second. It was a perfect way to broaden my horizon while making friends, enjoying a new scene, and excelling in my studies. Everyone should try NSE!”


Name: Giovanna Bocanegra
Home Campus: UW-Eau Claire
Host Campus: Florida International University

“Participating in the National Student Exchange has been the best decision I have made in college so far! I made SO many friends from around the world, adapted to a new and exciting culture, and had the time of my life. I grew so much as a person and learned that anything is possible. I recommend NSE to anyone and everyone; it’s a great way to learn more about a different part of our country and get the ultimate college experience. The memories and experiences are priceless!”


Name: Jackie Ebert
Home Campus: UW-Eau Claire
Host Campus: University of Alaska SE – Juneau

“NSE has opened my eyes to many different things. Many people don't realize the different cultures and environment available throughout the United States. While the education I received in Alaska was excellent and the classes were small and extremely hands-on, the greatest aspect of my exchange was the people that I met and became friends with while on exchange. The students and faculty I met in Alaska were amazing.

The professors afforded me opportunities that I would not have received elsewhere and the experiences I received in Alaska were pivotal to my career goals. Studying in Alaska determined my graduate degree emphasis because of the experiences I gained while I was there. I would encourage everyone to get out and experience what else is out there. There are so many opportunities you can do, and there is honestly something for everyone.”


Name: Angela Hill
Home Campus: UW-Eau Claire
Host Campus: University of West Florida

"NSE was by far the greatest experience I have ever had! Because of this experience I have become more independent, have been emerged in several other cultures and met people from various parts of the world, and finally decided upon my major. I took advantage of the many opportunities available and hope to continue to have this outgoingness in the future."


Name: Jessica Traub
Home Campus: UW-Eau Claire
Host Campus: University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras

“National Student Exchange is a great opportunity that I encourage all UW-Eau Claire students to take advantage of. It is an easy and economical way to experience new cultures and languages-all without a passport! I tried new foods, improved my Spanish language skills, and met great friends from all over the United States and the Caribbean while studying in Puerto Rico. I highly recommend it!"