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Withdrawing from the University

Students who wish to withdraw from all classes must begin the official withdrawal procedure by reporting to the Dean of Students Office. In cases of illness or other emergency, when the student is unable to initiate withdrawal procedures, a dean in the office will initiate and process withdrawal from classes at the University.

If a student withdraws from the University during the first two weeks of classes, no record of specific course enrollment will be made. If a student withdraws from the University from the third to the tenth weeks, the grade W will be recorded for each course. If a student withdraws from the University after the deadline for withdrawing from courses, the grade of F will be recorded for each course remaining unfinished, except in extenuating circumstances as determined by the Associate Dean of the College in which the student is enrolled. A student who stops attending classes without officially withdrawing (at any time in the term) may also receive failing grades.

An undergraduate student who withdraws and is not subsequently subject to suspension may return for the next regular academic semester without making formal application for readmission to the University.

Fee refund deadlines for withdrawals are published in the Class Schedule Bulletin for each term. Financial aid recipients who withdraw before 60 percent of the semester has been completed are subject to federal financial aid repayment regulations and may owe a repayment of aid, even if not entitled to a tuition refund. The amount of aid a student may keep is in direct proportion to the length of time the student remained enrolled during the semester. A detailed statement of the policy is in the Student Services and Standards Handbook. Assistance is also available from the offices of Financial Aid, Business Services (student accounts), and Dean of Students.

Withdrawing from/dropping a class

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