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An incomplete (In) is a temporary mark which may be granted when, for reasons acceptable to the instructor, a student has been unable to complete a portion of a course in the normal time period. Both the incomplete grade and the final grade will appear on the record.

Procedures. It is the student's responsibility to initiate a request for an incomplete with the instructor. If the request is approved, the instructor will indicate the conditions for the removal of the incomplete, including the date for submitting all work due so that it may be evaluated before the reporting deadline. The instructor will submit the incomplete to the Registrar's office, as well as a grade to be recorded as the permanent grade for the course in case the incomplete is not removed.

Removal of Incompletes. An incomplete is removed when the student submits all work due and the instructor reports a new grade for the course. The deadline for the instructor to report the removal of an incomplete is the end of the tenth week of classes of the first regular semester following the granting of the incomplete, regardless of whether the student is enrolled in the University at that time.

If the incomplete has not been removed by the reporting deadline, the default grade submitted with the incomplete will be recorded as permanent unless the instructor authorizes the continuation of the incomplete. If a continued incomplete has not been removed by the reporting deadline (end of the tenth week of classes) in the next semester, it will be replaced by the default grade.

NOTE 1: The mark of In (incomplete) is not a course grade. An excessive number of incompletes may affect both the academic standing of students (see Good Academic Standing) and their eligibility for certain types of financial aid.

NOTE 2: In case of illness or other emergency reported through the Associate Deans of Students, the Associate Dean of the College in which the student is enrolled may approve the granting of incompletes which will not adversely affect the student's academic standing. When such approval is given, the Dean or Associate Dean will ordinarily recommend that the student's credit load for the next semester be appropriately reduced.