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 “Is Path Warm” is a mnemonic to help you remember the warning signs.
These are general indicators that have consistently and reliably been linked to suicidal behavior.

  I  Ideation (statements:“I wish I were dead.” “I’m tired of life.”)

  S  Substance Abuse (especially increases in alcohol)


 P  Purposelessness(slipping grades, “don’t care” attitude,feel like a burden)

 A   Anxiety (significant, persistent, severe anxiety that limits daily life)

 T   Trapped (feel no solution, think things won’t change, “stuck”)

 H   Hopelessness (no optimism for future)


W  Withdrawal(lose touch w/others, stop going to class/work, excessive sleep)

 A   Anger (high irritability, picking fights, bullying others)

 R   Recklessness(risk taking, irresponsible spending, self-injury, unsafe driving)

 M  Mood Changes(abrupt/unexplained changes, different than usual)

*The best advice we have is to know these signs and when you see even one of them

 in a person, be “on alert” and consider asking about suicide risk.

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