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Information for Pregnant Students

Many college women find themselves pregnant and/or are afraid they might be pregnant. Suddenly they are faced with life-changing decisions. What should I do? What will my parents and friends say? What part will other people play in decisions about what to do? Can I still be a full-time student while pregnant? Where can I go on-campus for help? There are no perfect answers for these questions.


If you are pregnant, or suspect you might be, we’d like to encourage you to make an appointment to discuss your pregnancy options. Both Counseling Services and Student Health Services are willing to help each student make the decisions that best meet her needs, values and personal beliefs. Pregnancy can result in three outcomes: birth and parenthood, birth and adoption, and termination of the pregnancy by abortion. Both Student Health Services and Counseling Services have information about all three options and are eager to work nonjudgmentally with you as you decide on the option that is right for you.

If you are pregnant and unsure what to do and/or just need to talk, please make an appointment at Counseling Services (836-5521) and/or Health Services (836-5360). Our services to you are free and confidential. Dean of Students staff and Housing staff are also very willing to talk about your situation with you and how you can stay a student and a hall resident while pregnant if this is the option you choose.

Remember, you do not have to carry this situation alone, emotional support and resources to help in decision-making are available.