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Additional Resources

  • Copyright Office Information Circulars
    The U.S. Copyright Office publishes information circulars on a wide variety of copyright topics. These are available in Adobe Acrobat format.
  • The National Academy of Science has published recommendations with regard to protecting intellectual property rights and public access to electronic information.
  • ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC are performing rights organizations that represent the music rights of songwriters and publishers.
  • The Recording Industry Association of America, RIAA, represents and protects the intellectual property rights of music production companies.
  • Educause maintains a list of sites where music, games, books and videos can be downloaded legally.
  • The Copyright Web Site, developed by Benedict O'Mahoney seeks to encourage discourse and invite solutions to the myriad of copyright tangles that currently permeate the Web.
  • Articles on Intellectual Property compiled by Hal R. Varian, School of Information Management and Systems, University of California Berkeley
  • The Digital Dilemma: Intellectual Property in the Information Age is a report of the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights and the Emerging Information Infrastructure.
  • Who Owns Online Courses and Course Materials? Intellectual Property Policies for a New Learning Environment, by Carol Twig, sponsored by the Pew Learning and Technology Program 2000.
  • United State Patent and Trademark Office
  • An all-encompassing site for patent and invention resources is the Patent Cafe. It includes links to how-to information, patent searching, invention groups, government agencies, and international inventors.