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DNP, Master's and Specialist in Education Candidates

  • Please note that you will graduate with your College, and you will attend that ceremony.

  • Bring your hood for the formal hooding ceremony.

  • Honors are not assessed at the graduate level, therefore no graduate students wear honor cords.



DNPs, Masters and Specialist in Education Candidates:  Will approach the stage single file and be announced by a single reader.

  • Advance toward the platform with hood draped over your left arm while holding your reader card in your right hand. Give your card to the reader.

  • Walk onto the stage as your name is announced and receive your diploma cover from the Dean of Graduate Studies

  • Walk toward the Dean of your College who will take your hood from you. 

  • Stand on the taped "X," facing the audience. 

  • The dean and assistant will install the hood and will tap your shoulders when installation is complete. 

  • Shake hands with the Dean and assistant

  • Walk toward the Chancellor, shake hands and exit the stage.