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Before Commencement:

If you would like to attend Commencement to represent your department, please contact your department chair early in the semester.  We ask for the list of names from each department by mid semester.  Per University Policy, each Department Chair may recommend TWO faculty/staff to attend Commencement.  The venue is the limiting factor for both the faculty and the students.

Academic regalia must be worn to participate in the processional.  The deadline to order your regalia from the University Bookstore is typically 2 months prior to commencement, to avoid any extra charges.  Each department or individual is responsible for the cost of their regalia.  This is not an expense that is paid by the Commencement Office.  You will be asked to provide your department's funding string when you rent or purchase regalia.  They will not accept the answer that "it's for Commencement" for billing purposes.

Day of Commencement:

Please report to 2nd floor of Brewer Hall by 8:10am for the am ceremony and 1:10pm for the pm ceremony.  Coffee will be available.

Please be dressed and ready to form the graduate greeting lines by 8:30am and 1:30pm.  You are encouraged to make the greeting line a time of celebration.  Please offer words of encouragement and congratulations to the graduates as they march through your line.  Shaking hands is discouraged simply because it will slow down the processional.