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Student Web Survey

As you have read in the University catalog, one of UW-Eau Claire’s academic goals is to foster the intellectual, personal, cultural, and social development of each student. Each baccalaureate degree involves a set of courses based in the liberal arts to help one attain the basic competencies, breadth of knowledge, and critical judgment which characterize a mature and responsible individual in the modern world.

According to Dr. P. M. Forni, cofounder of the Civility Project at Johns Hopkins University, “Just about the most important thing we do in life is interacting with other human beings. Shouldn’t improving the quality of this interaction be at the top of our agendas? Being civil in our everyday lives is a time-tested way to bring about such improvement.” Thus we are interested in your ideas about civility in interactions among members of various learning communities.

Since the University is a learning community, at UW-Eau Claire we are interested in helping every member of the campus community raise his or her awareness of this important issue and reconsider attitudes and behaviors related to civility. Hallway conversations, roommate talks, group deliberations, classroom discussions, performance events, email exchanges, and athletic activities are examples of learning opportunities if all participants engage in civil behavior.

As the current Campus Civility Team of faculty, staff, and students begins to develop avenues to raise civility awareness and to facilitate positive social change among members of the campus community, we would welcome your ideas and suggestions.

We  appreciate your time in responding to these questions.

1. What words or phrases come to mind when you think about civility?

2. What characteristics of civil behavior should be exhibited by both students and instructors in a classroom learning environment?

3. What characteristics of civil behavior should be exhibited by participants in other learning environments such as casual conversations, group deliberations, Desire-2-Learn discussions, performance events, email exchanges, and athletic activities?

4. What characteristics of civil behavior should be exhibited in residence halls by students, RAs, and hall directors or by neighbors in the community?

5. What do you think of the idea of considering civility as a part of a liberal education?

6. Please check each statement below that you believe describes an example of rudeness or incivility.
Reading a newspaper during class
Reading a newspaper during a performance event
Eating during class
Eating during a (non-athletic) performance event
Telephoning an instructor at home in the evening to ask a question about class
Sleeping in class
Walking across the street in non-designated areas during a busy traffic time
Casually using terms like 'that is retarded' or 'that is so gay'
Using your rommate's things when he or she is not around
Letting a door close on someone if the person is more than two steps behind you
Letting a cell phone turned on 'silent' continue to vibrate when in class
Filling a water bottle between classes when people are in line behind you for a drink
Attending class unprepared
Attending class in dirty or smelly clothing or skimpy clothing
Yelling at the other team during an athletic event
Yelling at the referee during an athletic event
Leaving a performance before the end of the performance
Walking by trash on campus without stopping to pick it up
Arriving late to class
Packing up class materials early
Recharging an ipod in class
Listening to an ipod in class
Talking to another person in the hallway outside of a class in session
Studying for a different class during lectures
Addressing an instructor by his or her first name during class
Addressing an instructor by his or her first name outside of class, but on campus
Addressing an instructor by his or her first name outside of class, but off campus
Interrupting a conversation
Speaking out without waiting to be recognized by the facilitator of a meeting
Text messaging another person during class
Text messaging another person during a meeting
Playing loud music in a residence hall
Talking on a cell phone in class
Talking on a cell phone near others involved in a conversation

Other examples or rudeness or incivility you have experiences?

What is your classification?

On behalf of the Campus Civility Team, we thank you for your time.

Note - you will receive an email stating that this information has been submitted. The email is sent to a generic "survey" mailbox and is deleted. Your name will NOT be associated with any of the data received.