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Welcome to our "Excellence through Civility" web site. While we recognize the members of the UW-Eau Claire community generally display civil behavior towards one another, in the quest for excellence, there is always room for improvement. The desire of the Campus Civility Team is to raise awareness of the small things one can do to elevate the level of respect for one another as members of this community. Please explore our site, discover ways to improve, and join us as we strive for ...

JUST POSTED: UW - System (President Reilly and Chancellors) Joint Statement Regarding Civility

This web site provides:

  • Classroom Helps - suggested syllabi information, discussion topics, and more for teachers;
  • General Resources - links relating to email etiquette, academic integrity, avoiding plagiarism, and more;
  • Surveys & Findings - summaries of the 2006 campus civility surveys including suggestions for teachers, students, supervisors, and administrators, incivility examples, and suggested tools and methods;
  • and a listing of the current membership and an overview of the work of the Campus Civility Team.