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Teachers at the UWEC Children’s Nature Academy add their own unique qualities and skills to the program.  Each has a four year degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, Family Studies, or another related field, as well as various levels of experience with young children.  We are proud to introduce our professional staff members to you.



  • Lisa Coen, Director
  • Kelly Micolichek, Assistant Director
  • Sabrina Clay, Infant/Toddler Coordinator


Kim Nettell, Sweet Peas - Infant Room
Susan Justice, Gerber Daisies - Infant Room
Ann Odegard , Seedlings, Toddler Room
Mikayla Robaidek, Daffodils - Toddler Room
Brianna Crumbaker, Sunflowers - Toddler Room
Courtney Rosenow, Dandelions - Young 2's Room
Nancy Ryba, Buckeyes - Older 2's Room
Harrison Anderson, Dragonflies Room - Young 3's Room
Melinda Hayes, Ladybugs Room - Older 3's Room
Melissa Tapper, Little Sprouts - Young 3's Room
Carla Johnson, Skippers- 4K Classroom
Jillian Zerbe, Monarch Room - 4K Classroom
Gricelda Martinez, Assistant Teacher - 4K Classrooms