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Summer Programs

summer The UWEC Children's Nature Academy offers a busy summer program for 6 to 12 year olds. The summer enrichment program emphasizes gaining experience and skill in selecting, planning, and implementing projects activities under the supervision of professional teachers. Examples of some of activities are listed below:

hand Art
Weaving, drawing, painting, sponge art, masks, sidewalk painting, and puppets.

hand Music and Dance
Songs, movement, instruments, stories, visiting musicians, listening, and painting to violins.

hand Physical Development
McPhee gym, swimming, outdoor games, hiking, track activities, playground.

hand Science
Experiments, magnets, wind, water, plants, gardening, cooking, nature walks.

hand Field Trips
Planetarium, parks, caves, museum, libraries, farms, university greenhouse, psychology department (rats), biology department (snakes), and llamas.

hand Literature
Library activities, books, storytelling, plays, puppets, and preparing a newspaper.

hand PLUS!!!!
Computer activities, woodworking, planning a kool-aid stand, creative dramatics, expanding on hobbies, and more.